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Rui Pedro Antunes Brand Activation

Working together with Pop Culture Agency made our Spider-Man 2 launch activation a success. The possibility for fans to take photos with their "heroes" is a fundamental part of this type of physical action. We'll do it again as soon as we get the chance.

Inês Paz Ramildes Marketing Director

For UBBO, the Expo Cosplay event was a unique moment, as we were able to offer our audience an experience of the cosplay universe of the highest quality and reference. Over the course of 2 days, we presented national and international cosplayers, workshops with the most diverse activities, incredible displays of dance, modelling and, of course, the spectacular Cosplayers competition that attracted hundreds of people. It was an absolute success. Memorable.

Sara Santos Photographer

I had the opportunity to take part in a truly challenging, rewarding and epic photographic experience. Working with eight incredible cosplayers, even without knowing them beforehand, I felt part of a group of friends united by their passion for cosplay. Capturing the essence of each character was an exciting adventure, where creativity and camaraderie came together to create fantastic images. It was an experience that reinforced my admiration for the world of cosplay and left me looking forward to more photographic challenges like this.

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The Popculture Agency

We are a talent agency focused on all the elements of the entertainment market, aimed at professionalizing a fair market. We search for, and supply, artists in the areas of Cosplay, Comics, Literature, Gaming, Content Creation, Cinema and Television.

We make a difference in offering a personalized and high quality artist agency service that meets the needs and expectations of our clients, contractors and fans. We don’t just broker the contracts, we help our clients develop their skills, improve their image and increase their visibility.

In addition, we have created an online platform that allows artists to connect with their fans, generating engagement and loyalty. We also stand out for our network of contacts and partnerships with companies, organizations and event producers related to the Pop Culture Universe, which allows us to offer varied and advantageous opportunities for all the stakeholders involved.


Provide clients with creative and innovative solutions, while promoting a fair and professional market for artists and creators within the Pop Culture Universe.


Our objective is to be the most reliable and innovative artist agency in the Pop Culture Universe, leading the way in promoting and professionalizing this industry.


We value creativity, quality, integrity and respect for our customers and employees, as well as our commitment to all our stakeholders.

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Popculture Agency offers the most appropriate solutions for your needs and expectations.

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